Art in the Woods

Doesn’t Linus look proud? Well, he should! This is a trail near our house. We hike it about once a week right before dinner. There’s a little off-shoot with the remains of an old foundation, and often people pile sticks…

July 16, 2018: Summer in the City

July 16, 2018: Summer in the City

If you’ve ever wanted to see a huge collection of toddlers jumping into water, today is your day! But first, there’s an emergency, and Officer Mina is on the case. Oh. The emergency is that some ponies need a ride….

Hub vs. Hub

Yen and I were thinking it would be fun to see the Hub on Wheels photos a year apart:

November 24 - December 20, 2016

November 24 – December 20, 2016

I really am sorry. I don’t know how an entire month goes by before I post again. Or rather I do, but I’m always surprised when it happens again. But  I think you’ll agree that these were worth the wait….

Nov 6 - Nov 23, 2016

Nov 6 – Nov 23, 2016

Linus has been reading Make Way for Ducklings, so of course we went to the Public Garden. When he saw the statues, he made a beeline. I had forgotten how big they are! He looks rather shocked to see such a…

June 2 - June 19, 2016

June 2 – June 19, 2016

Lots of silly play this month, starting with Linus’s tractor. He’s rather obsessed with the fact that someone drives each of these machines. He always points to the cab and says, “Om?” Which is, “man?” Which is to say, “That’s…

November 8 - 30, 2015

November 8 – 30, 2015

I’m getting a little behind with these posts! We’re trying to get out and do as much as we can while the weather is still decent, and it isn’t leaving much room for pausing and documenting. I suppose that’s one…

Linus: October 25 - 31

Linus: October 25 – 31

I’m dropping the “week” designation from the titles of these posts. It’s getting hard to count and keep track now that he’s so old! Isn’t this photo great? Like, “The young sailor considers the horizon.” Only this is just Linus,…

Linus: Week 60

Linus: Week 60

I love this photo. “What? Can’t I just eat this apple in peace?” Our little health nut is also a big fan of raisins. He eats so many every day. I know they’re high in sugar, but I think there…

Linus: Week 58

Linus: Week 58

Yep, still flying that plane! This sight has become very familiar. Linus has a series of Thomas books that are really for a much older kid. But they’ve become his favorite, and I have to read them over, and over….

Linus - Weeks 52-53

Linus – Weeks 52-53

Looking at all of these photos now, I can’t believe how much we did during these last two weeks! Linus has been using the potty regularly now for almost two months. I admit I thought Ba Noi was crazy when she…

Linus - Week 48

Linus – Week 48

Linus had a very busy week, so no sense holding off on a post! First, he headed to a July 4 party hosted by our friends David and Yvonne. Linus does love a good party – after he gets over…

Another Visit to the Aquarium

Another Visit to the Aquarium

We took a quick trip into Boston one rainy Sunday afternoon when there really wasn’t anything else to do. Here are Linus and Cha waiting for the train. Our destination was the aquarium, of course. They have some new creatures,…

Another Drumlin Farm Outing

Another Drumlin Farm Outing

We are becoming regulars at Drumlin Farm. You should probably get used to seeing regular photos of it. It’s so close to our house, and nice for a little outing, so I think the visits will continue. We had company…

Franklin Park Zoo

Franklin Park Zoo

After a very big lunch of seven-course beef, we headed to Franklin Park Zoo with friends. These first few photos are rather misleading, because there were not, in fact, many animals on display. Winter must be tough on zoos. They…