One of the baberies got stuck and the kids used chopsticks to extract her. Then they showed off their superior chopstick skills by pretending to eat her!

Family Art Day

Can you guess the artist of each piece?

Riding Lesson

Riding Lesson

I signed Mina up for a riding lesson today. It turned out to be more like an “animal experience” lesson. She got to meet a wallaby, Vietnamese pigs, an emu, rabbits, and a peacock. Then she fed some mini horses…

August 18 - October 12, 2020

August 18 – October 12, 2020

What a strange thing it is to look back on these photos and see how much has passed. Linus hadn’t started school. There were leaves on the trees. Mina was running around outside in summer dresses. Actually that last one…

Bartleby's Grand Day Out

Bartleby’s Grand Day Out

I completely forgot about this set of photos – which is ironic because we took them to surprise Yen. The kids and I were alone one sunny weekend afternoon and they decided we should take Bartleby outside for a photo…

Family Photo Shoot

Family Photo Shoot

At some point every year, Yen moans about how few family portraits we have. We decided we should try working out something with our lovely fall garden. It turned out to be a bit of a challenge. We started out…

Halloween Songs

The kids made Halloween videos. The first is a classic. The second is a Linus Tran original.

Mini Mina Update

Mini Mina Update

Several of you have asked me how Mina is getting on now that Linus is in school. It’s true that she had a rough start, wanding the house looking lost. But she’s Mina, so she’s resilient. For one thing, she’s…

Fall Garden Tour

Fall Garden Tour

Our garden is particularly lovely in fall. The kids decided to make a garden tour for Grandma. I don’t think she’ll mind if everyone watches.

Problem Solver

Mina may be small, but she’s figure out how to get into the car without assistance.

Mina's Tea Party

Mina’s Tea Party

Mina has developed an interest in tea parties as a way to relax on a weekend afternoon – particularly when she’s become frustrated or the day didn’t go as she planned. One thing that has really made it a special…

A Day at the Park

Too much energy? Maybe you should go to the park with the kids. It’s electrifying! Sure, the park is fun. But what Linus and Mina really enjoy is the fitness area. Never mind that all the equipment is sized for…



Mina and I enjoyed an afternoon painting together. It’s one of my favorite activities. She’s very proud of this particular project because she practiced so much blending.

July 12 - August 16, 2020

July 12 – August 16, 2020

Everybody drop! It’s a dance party on the floor! OK, now change all your clothes because we’re going biking. Forget it! Let’s go to the park and jump off rocks! You can’t tell it from the photos in this post,…


The kids decided to set up a stand selling steamed peanuts along the road. It was not a successful venture. However, I really liked this detail from the operation. It means you need to wear a mask to buy.