August 2 - September 10, 2018

August 2 – September 10, 2018

Boy, is this an overdue post! As I write this, it’s overcast and in the low 60s. But this post is going to take us back to sunny and 90s – which is why Mina is sitting in the park…

Bon Voyage!

Bon Voyage!

We’re heading out for vacation this evening, so you can imagine how many pictures are coming. While you wait, I thought I’d share a couple of recent events. Mina is getting more and more confident on her bike each day….


Linus turned the couch into a cuckoo clock – with two cuckoos!

Biking Boston

Linus announced a few months ago that when he turned 4, he’d be old enough for pedals. Yen put them on last week and has been working with him, but this weekend he completely took off! We took advantage of…

Riding in Style

We’ve been discussing changing our biking configuration. Mina is getting tall enough that Yen can’t really lean over to power up hills. I think we’re going to make the big switch and buy a second seat like Linus’s so one…

July 16 - August 1, 2018

July 16 – August 1, 2018

This post is a little delayed because I really wanted to start it off with this video of Mina dancing, but unfortunately a naked Linus ran into the shot at the end. I finally figured out how to crop the…

July 16, 2018: Summer in the City

July 16, 2018: Summer in the City

If you’ve ever wanted to see a huge collection of toddlers jumping into water, today is your day! But first, there’s an emergency, and Officer Mina is on the case. Oh. The emergency is that some ponies need a ride….

June 12 - 24, 2018

June 12 – 24, 2018

I complained to Yen that monthly photos is just too much to handle, so here’s another batch already! Of course it’s still going to be full of photos of us hiking. Hm. I’m not as good at photography as Yen….

May 14 - June 12, 2018

May 14 – June 12, 2018

Another month of bliss with these kids. Yen said to me one day as we climbed into the car for another evening hike, “I have everything I want in life.” Well, perhaps everything but pedals. Linus continues to resist adding…

Still Singing

Maybe we should find her a busy street corner so we can make some money!

Thằng Cuội

I’ve been begging Yen to get this video for weeks now. Every time this song comes on, Mina belts it out along with the singer. She’s very passionate about it. Meanwhile Linus just chows down on watermelon. It may even…

Staying Cool

Staying Cool

It’s been pretty warm the last few days, so the kids have been trying to stay cool – not always with much luck. Saturday morning Ba Noi and Co Ba tried to take them to Walden Pond. But because it…



We took the kids for their very first canoe trip today. We’ve been waiting for them to be old enough to sit down when we tell them, and it felt as if that day was finally here. They did a…

April 24 - May 13, 2018

April 24 – May 13, 2018

Who’s this? Mina’s new pet? Naw, just an otter the kids saw on a recent trip to the zoo. Actually, it looks an awful lot like Mina when we wake her up in the morning. These next to photos look…