Amsterdam 2019

Amsterdam 2019

You can come out, Mina! The Netherlands is very nice. You’re going to love it! And it has BIKES! This is the small city where we’re staying, Haarlem. It’s just a 15-minute train ride from central Amsterdam, but we thought…


Linus said, “I’m a lot like Grandpa. I worry about getting sick. I like to watch boring stuff like news. And I want to drink wine and be silly.”

Paris 2019

Paris 2019

As usual, Yen cleared his camera before we left. But then I put Mina in these overalls and he really had no choice. And then we decided to go for a little hike at Ward Reservation. The kids inherited my…

August 27 - Septmber 3, 2019

August 27 – Septmber 3, 2019

Surprise! You weren’t expecting a post this quickly, were you? You also probably weren’t expecting to see Mina relaxing like this, but she does. One evening the kids decided that we should practice for Halloween. I think they heard us…

July 24 - August 26, 2019

July 24 – August 26, 2019

While Mina does often instruct us to look at her butt, I think what’s happening here is we’re supposed to see the cute little flowers tucked into her pocket. She  loves that the lawn is full of clover! With Halloween…

What about the lifeguard kiss?

Mina is very patient with Linus’s affection… Until she’s suddenly not.

Cable Car

Linus designed a cable car after riding one up Cannon Mountain. He takes me through all of the safety procedures.

Trans on the Go

This is going to exhaust you. It’s a series of videos of the Tran kids… Well, being the Tran kids. Running through the house: Biking at a skate park. Don’t worry – they’re both OK. This happens all the time! Biking…

Running Wild

We decided to take the kids on a small hike before dinner (I guess 90 minutes biking on rough trails this morning wasn’t enough…), but Mina decided we should run. I guess we’ll all sleep well tonight! In case you…

Croquet, anyone?

Croquet, anyone?

Yen bought a bunch of lawn games so we can enjoy our huge new lawn. Linus’s favorites are what he calls “flying plates.” Today we tried croquet. Mina threw a ball into the air and hit herself in the head….

Finger paint!

Finger paint!

We got a package today with a huge piece of paper for padding, so we decided to lay it out in the driveway and paint it.