Linus - Weeks 50-51

Linus – Weeks 50-51

A year already? What is going on?! Time flies when you’re playing, I guess. Linus has been spending a lot of time in our spare room lately. It’s got nothing in it right now except a dresser, a mattress, and…

Linus - Week 49

Linus – Week 49

Week 49 already?! Linus is growing too fast. Can’t we freeze him? We got him a couple of different sized balls to learn to kick and toss. He’s getting quite good at it, actually. Especially the tossing. He is so…

Tap Your Head

Ba Noi taught Linus a little thing that ba nois say to little kids: Clap your hands and Grandma will give you a cakeIf you don’t, Grandma will hit you on the head Don’t worry: if anyone ever tried to…

Swimming Lessons

Linus is still having his Monday swimming lessons. The other kids never showed up for the 7:30 class, so he’s been moved to the 7:00 class. That’s very helpful, as 8:00 is bedtime! Being with all of the other kids…

Linus - Week 48

Linus – Week 48

Linus had a very busy week, so no sense holding off on a post! First, he headed to a July 4 party hosted by our friends David and Yvonne. Linus does love a good party – after he gets over…

Shoes at the zoo!

Shoes at the zoo!

Linus went on a field trip to the zoo – and wore shoes!

Drinking from a straw is hard work!

Linus - Weeks 45-47

Linus – Weeks 45-47

Linus had a lot of adventures during these weeks! First up, he’s really mastering walking. In this series, you can see him toddling over to Ba Noi. He’s obviously very proud of himself – and should be! We’re working with…



It’s summer, so of course Linus is enjoying some corn on the cob.

Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

A sneak preview of the photos you’ll soon see from Linus’s weekend adventure. He discovered the fountain in front of the Christian Science church, and couldn’t get enough! Photo credit to our friend Neel. Don’t worry – the ones I’ll…

Linus - Weeks 41 through 44

Linus – Weeks 41 through 44

Poor Linus got his first haircut this month. There are no photos of the actual event, as we both had our hands very, very full. In hindsight, it’s good that it wasn’t documented, as I think the screaming would have…

Weekend Update

Weekend Update

Just a couple of quick notes from the weekend. First, Linus got a new tricycle! Here he’s looking a little startled as he tries it out in the garage. He got a little more excited when we took it for…

New Hat

New Hat

Here are Linus and Ba Noi showing off Linus’s new hat. He’s ready for some summer sun!

Bi Bo!

Here’s Linus bi bo-ing all over the house:

Climbing the Stairs

He’s getting terrifyingly good at climbing the stairs! And yes, he always screams like that on the way up. He’s so proud.