Had time for a little skype this morning. As you can see, she’s discovered that her fist makes a good substitute pacifier.


I had a very brief visit to CA this week, but did find a little time to myself before I took a miserable 9pm flight back home. I met up with some of the folks from UMich, and we started…


I’m telling you: all children should be permanently clad in stripes. Isn’t she beautiful?

The Last Batch of TDay Photos

Here’s Ruby in the outfit Scout and I picked out a few weeks ago. Brent’s checking out her tummy. The biggest event of the day, perhaps, was our visit to The Stoogeum, a terrific museum of all things Three Stooges….

Today’s Photos Include: Ruby

We all thought it was funny when Ruby clutched Dad’s pocket as he held her. Really, maybe, she was just getting through the morning the best way she knew how. Here you go. Just a plain old close-up of her…


Here’s Princess Ruby in her Thanksgiving headdress. The manly men went outside to grill the turkey. I wanted to capture the moment and followed. Nothing seemed to be happening, though, so I asked Brent whether they planned to do something…

Ruby Photo of the Day

Roo, I offer heartfelt apologies that this took so long. But here’s your photo of the day: the Ruby and the Grandpa. Apparently they’re both big University of Illinois fans.

Book worm

Swoon! Look at this face! The James glare: she has it.


Guess who called me today via Skype.

The ARR Baby

One of the things we do here at work is scoff at people who don’t understand reuse, copyright and intellectual property. All day long: “What’s the license say?” “CC BY-NC.” “Then why are you even bothering me?” And yet I’m…

Halloween (now with better resolution!)

More photos from Halloween courtesy of Brent. Prepare to weep from cute. By the way, Jenny made that costume. Or perhaps “invented” is the better term. Is she not supermom?


Look at this wee Totoro!

The Chandler Family

Took a family portrait this morning.

The Daddy and the Baby

Bath Time