Tran Artwork

As you probably know, Yen and I aren’t fan of “things” around the house. We do keep a lot of the kids artwork, but at any given moment, there’s an non-zero chance that someone will just get sick of looking…

Linus’s current passions are taking videos and finding old cars in the forest. It’s a difficult combination because now I have literally hundreds of inscrutable videos on my phone and constant warnings about storage space. Here are two he’s particularly…

Mina brought her bike to the park, but I guess she just preferred to run. I asked Linus what he was doing in the back. “Picking up some screws and washers,” he said.

In case you ever wanted to learn, Linus has made this handy tutorial. And Mina gets into the action too!

Here are all the animal sounds (according to Mina).

Check out this duet!

Mina is a natural runner, so we were pretty sure she’d enjoy the treadmill. Yen asks her, “Do you like it?” and she says, “I like it!”

Here’s Mina instructing her little bat, Dead Mosquitos, in the art of flying.

Mina has mostly learned to control Google, but sometimes it just doesn’t work.

Linus, Inventor

Linus just invented the camelback! Not sure what he’s drinking.

Social Influencer

Mina has lately taken over Yen’s computer, particularly his YouTube Music playlist management and his WhatsApp account. She uses the latter to send me emojis and gifs all day long. Today she realized she can also take selfies using the…

October Farm

Two nights in a row, we’ve finished our day with a hike in Concord, a property called October Farm. It runs along the Concord River and mostly covers land that was once owned by a landscape architect. Last night’s walk…

The kids had fun finding eggs this morning, and they are very happy with their new sugary treats. Linus (future vegan) is just a little upset, though. “Why do people make candy that looks like little cuties?” We’ll see whether…

Here’s a 30-second look at our adventures in March.