Mina and I did some baking together tonight. She’s the best sous chef ever!


Linus’s teacher suggested that he might benefit from an after school program. We debated a few options and finally selected karate. He seems really excited about it. The teacher made him take a small test to get his white belt….


The kids are enjoying the unseasonably warm fall.

September 2021

Just a few photos left that I haven’t posted. It was a quiet month while the kids started school. Still, we got out and about a bit. Linus actually started school three days before Mina – it’s a way for…

August 2021

You’ve probably never even noticed, but I tag each of these posts with the kids’ age at the time so we can look back and say, “What was Mina doing when she was 3?” There’s a tiny data quality nerd…

September 21, 2021

The mornings are starting to get colder!

July 2021

Lately I can’t remember what happened in the morning. Let’s see whether I can remember July! First, some arts and crafts. Linus constructed this phone. I’m not sure how he knows about “old fashioned” (yes, really) handsets, but he really…

First Day of School 2021

I can’t believe it’s already time for school to start! Mina is very excited because she has Linus’s remote teacher from last year. And Linus is relieved that one of his friends from kindergarten is in first grade with him….

We found an off-label use for the kids’ tag-along bike. I’m not sure Ba Noi is ready to go on a 15-mile trek, though.


Mina is working through one of those “hidden picture” books. On one page, she was meant to find a turtle but just couldn’t. So she drew her own and found that.

A Visit to the Zoo

I keep forgetting that I can request zoo, aquarium, and other passes through work. It’s such a nice benefit for Yen and the kids. But I remembered a few weeks ago and we finally had decent weather, so off they…

Mina is incredibly goal driven. She decides she wants to be able to do something, and then she endlessly works on it until she masters it. Sometimes to the point where we all start yelling at her to take a…

June 17 to July 1, 2021

Who’s happy it’s summer? Linus! We finally found the courage to take an entire week off and disappear! This time it was the White Mountains in New Hampshire. We tried a hike but the kids weren’t really interested. On the…

To pass the time while waiting at a restaurant, Yen and Mina practiced some expressions.

The current pedagogy says that kids should practice writing without regard for spelling. I like it! Unfortunately when presented with his work, I have to work fast and hard to make sense of it so I can admire it. I…